Up Above.

Subhan Allah!

How can you ever be sad?

Have you ever looked around?


Ever looked up above?


Oh your loss!




The End.

I have been walking and walking. I have been observing. I have been reading. I am desperately trying to find something. But I guess its just come to an end. Yes! The end has happened. The end of Good. Have you by chance come across what am searching for? Show me. For I am searching for something called Humanity.

Too much to ask?


I thought so.

Every morning we rise to hear the shocking cruelties faced by innocent people. Violence. Violence. There is always silence after it. Because everyone is too frozen to react. Only one thing goes through their minds – What has the world come to?

What happens around me scares me. Well its not just me. Everybody is scared. The world’s turned to a dangerous place.

Parents are worried. They cant send their children anywhere. Because danger lurks around them. Animals are waiting to tear you apart. The sense of freedom is lost. For fear has replaced them.

Every day we hear news of shootings by a psycho, innocent girls raped, fighting for their life. But is all that fighting to leave worth it?

I am an Indian. But it doesnt make me proud. True, am a part of a country full of culture, traditions and life. I am part of a country which has one of the best Constituion and has been termed one of the best democracy. I am part of a country where you have all the freedom and rights. For a stranger, it might be true. But I see the reality everyday. And its too far from the ideal democracy that its being called.

I see the news of a 3 year old who has been raped. A wife who was publicly raped and made to walk around naked. Nobody is spared. Be it a new born, a small girl, a teenager, a wife or a grandma. Are you a woman? Then beware. Being born a girl can be the biggest mistake in your life.

I see a girl who was gang raped for nearly an hour by 5 men, fighting for her life. She is a brave one. But I am scared for her. Will the society ever treat her the same again? Will she able to live like a normal girl?

That girl lost everything that she had. Her dreams, her ambitions, her life, her chance for a happily everafter. Everything was snatched away from her. She saw her world turning upside down within a few minutes.

I salute and respect her for her strength. Even after being in such a critical condition, she is fighting. She is fighting for the remnants. Hopefully, she will be able to build up everything she had again. For there is always hope.

There is always hope.

Or I would like to believe there is still some good remaining around us all.

Ironic? I know.

But there is always hope.


Because there is always God.

The Almighty.


P.S. : The girl who was 23 years old and fighting for her life died on 29 Dec. May she rest in peace and find the deserved happiness in her afterlife. She was too good to live in this world full of evil!


I just dunno why but I actually like this city. So full of life yet in their own circle of traditions. I like this place more than my place. Wookaay, I better hide from my buddies who hail from Calicut because we go all patriotic and fight like crazy supporting our own places by going defensive. So according to that I am against Calicut and a proud Malappuram – ian! 😀



Well, I came up with this when I suddenly felt so low yesterday night. After I wrote this, a calmness spread around. I know this isnt that great a piece because poetry was never my cup of tea. But this really helped me a lot.

That’s the only thing  -Hope ! 

That I hold on to, With a life to cope.

That’s the only thing   -Life !

That I own, In a  world full of strife.

I smiled , Seeing my tears,

Dancing to break lose, from my suppress !

I stood there , taking in the reality

Just stay strong & smile, telling my heart about the vitality !

So Just stay strong and smile. Just think about why you fought for it till today. Just think about what kept you going. Do you want to lose it now?

Problems are never permanent. Life is the best teacher, so we shouldn’t be surprised if we have to pay school fees sometimes !

Never Give up !

I am not lucky, I am Blessed !

Today I read about a girl. A girl who could see the world no more. A girl who was deprived of all the colours and brightness at the age of 8. A girl could have easily given up. But still preferred to achieve in life. Imagine yourself in her place. You will realise that you are indeed blessed !

This girl cant see herself. She doesn’t know how she looks. How tall he is. How fat she is. But she has no complaints. She is just Grateful.

What about us?!

Each time we look at ourselves in the mirror, we never thank for what we have. We are keen on finding out what we dont have and start complaining.


Why do we complain when we have a lot more than what others have?

We have everything.

Eyes to see the world. To enjoy the colour and brightness.

Nose to smell the wonderful scents of the world.

Ears to hear the calm sounds of nature.

Tongue with which we taste and speak our ideas out.

Hands and Legs that help us do everything.

Still, we are not satisfied. What is this, if not GREED !?

This girl now is on cloud 9. When a normal girl takes one month to study the Braille Script, she took a mere 4 days. She utilised all her vacations for learning new things. Now she knows typewriting and how to operate a computer with the help of which she reads. She handles English , Hindi and Malayalam well and is now all set to learn French and Braille Chess ! The most recent achievement being complete A+’s in her 10th Boards without any help of Tuitions or without attending special schools !

Looking back a year and a half or so , when I was so happy to get the complete A+’s for which I worked hard. But is it the same as this girl? Was mine worth? It does make a difference. I – who have everything and She – who has something. Thats the difference. Did I work so hard?! I knew the answer. I did work hard but not hard enough.

This girl who thinks that her life is so normal when she know that there WAS a tumour which cost her , her eyesight. She is the one who can rightfully be called COURAGEOUS and BRAVE. Its not easy to live your life like nothing has happened. Its not easy when you know that your dear ones are in pain at the mere sight of your condition. I salute you. You are everything that I am not.

Do your best. Let god carry on from there. – She says

To all people out there. Make some time to look back at your life. You will realise that you are lucky but blessed !

You have parents to provide the best strength and comforts in life. They promise you a secure life.

When there are millions of children around you who have no idea about what the future holds for them. Its dark. And they have to make it Alone.

You are being educated and given healthy food.

While there are children who dream of going to school but has to work in dark tunnels watching their childhood disappear in front of them for a PIECE OF BREAD ! They sacrifice everything to feed their family !

Blessings ! They are countless !

Each one of us is blessed !

Its just that we never realize it ! Are we thankful enough ?!

Accept the fact : We are blessed !

Alhamdulillah !

Blessed are the blind, for they know not enough to ask why.

Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better even of their blunders.

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

Blessed are those who give without remembering and take without forgetting.

Blessed be God that Thou hast filled the soul of Thy servant with joy and peace in believing.

One fine night, It rained in Riyadh.

One fine night , it rained in Riyadh. Rains in Riyadh are different in all sense. It just pours in happiness and memories of their homeland to the hearts of  1000s of  people who have left their homeland in search of gold in this vast desert.

Rain for me is un explanable . Especially after I have been in KSA for all my life time. Only born in my homeland and brought up in Riyadh. That chilly weather which cools your inner self and helps you to have an insight. A soft breeze whisks down to brush the hair from your face. Those sounds of blessings which are musical to ears. Aaaah ! All in all its just one awesome feeling.  And yeah, I am down with a terrible cold right now. 😀

When it rains the first thing which come into my mind (well not olnly mine, but most of the students) : SCHOOL ! Surprised?!  Why would  anyone think of school at that awesome time?! Well, student minds. We have our own way of peculiar thinking ! Hehe.

Will this rain be heavy enough to be a holiday tomorrow?!

Holidaaaaaay ! Thats what reminds us of School.

I still remember, that day around 6 or 7 pm, I was in my coaching centre struggling to understand what my teacher was teaching due to a splitting headache. Dak! Dak! Dak! on the AC of the classroom. My heart leapt. Its raining. Yaaahooooo ! The first thought which passed my mind: ‘ Hope it rains heavily so that they give us a holiday tomorrow. ‘ I started praying – ‘ Alllaaaahhh ! Pleeeaaasee ! Let it rain heavy so that they give us a holiday tomorrow. ‘

Wait a minute. You might be thinking – Why would they give you a holiday just because it rained ?

Hah. Only , We, Riyadhians know what it means to be a Rain In Riyadh. First of all, Its rare. And even if its just a few droplets falling for a really short time, there would be a flood in that place. So if was a downpour, then Riyadh would just SINK !

So No Roads -> No School ! As simple as that ! 😉

I wa soooo happy that it was still raining when I was going back home ( that is when I took these pictures). There were pools of water everywhere on the roads. Aah ! How happy I was ! First . the feeling that the rain imparts. Second, the holiday I was gonna get tomorrow.

BUT despite everything, I still found myself going to school the next day. Huh. What else could I do ?!

The Rain.

I came back home reaaallllly tired. After some time, my uncle who was reading the newspaper said : Did you know ?! Around 15- 18 people died in KSA due to yesterday’s downpour which resulted in a flood !!!

Me : What !!?? People died due to yesterday’s rain ?! :O

Uncle : Yeah seems like two are missing too.

My God ! How guilty I felt! People died. I still couldnt digest it. And what I did was pray for making the rain heavier for a mere holiday. Asthagfirullah ! This news really disturbed me. Ah ! I just couldnt take my mind off all those people who died.

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illahi Raji’oon.

“Verily we belong to God, and to God we return.”

Well, that was something that this rain taught me. Think twice before you pray. It may give you just a mere pleasure but for someboday else it could be a greater calamity.