#MayRants – 170502


It’s a shame that 4 months have passed since I have landed in Goa. So in order to save myself from swimming in the depths of regret of not seeing Goa enough once I go back, I had decided I would put my last month, to good use, see places that I had wanted to see. Maybe lock away a piece of them for me in my little sketchbook.

So as decided, today I battled with my bed, got up and started with a little morning walk around my area. Beautiful Sucoor. Birds chirping, dogs barking (which did give me a little trouble), I walked towards the beautiful Jain temple near our place for a perfect start.  Clad in white marble, I remember going into the temple with Neeru, a few months back, when I was still new in Goa. The play of light, on the Petra dura floors, the intricacy of designs was just mind blowing, quite typical of Jain temples. The place smelled of the incense sticks and I watched people going in and out from the temple, for a long time. I listened to them sing hymns. I just watched, listened and sketched.

And it was beautiful.

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