The Last Picture

the phase of depature in parts

Part 1

The water seems to be slithering. Constantly in rhythm. Slithering away silently. The plantae living their life washed up and lulled into action by the water and its ripples, green and a bit aged yellow. The sea gulls seems to have made them their cushion, taking a break and a breathe in the middle of the rhythmically stagnant waters. A cool breeze making me sigh away in peace, the machines and the ships jarring in the distance, marring the peace yet merging with the scene.


The day had started out lazy. We were all dozing till 11. Still contemplating where to go at 12, at last giving it all to the likes of the farewell girl. We had kept away all our commitments today, for her. After a heavy Chinese lunch cum breakfast at 1pm, we boarded a bus to Jetty to catch a ferry. Just like the usual, we bantered in the bus. Getting the tickets to one of our common love, Fort Kochi, we lined up waiting to board our ferry.

The familiar sight of the Jetty reminded me of my first visit to this place. I share that beautiful memory with them too. The beauty of togetherness in exploring something that has long ago taken a place in your heart, without even a sight. The charm so indigenous to the place.

A bell sounds, reminding me of reaching our destination.

Walking out the crowded jetty, and down the road that we have taken many a times, the charm that is so tied up with the world of its own called Fort Cochin, we were engulfed. The perspective shifting with each and every step.  Walking around, shopping around for ornaments, so unlike us. Haggling, laughing around, rejoicing the day. Sitting at the edge of the bridge, looking at the waves peacefully merging with the land. We knew we were all absorbing the beauty of a day spent well together.


We made a happy picture, laughing our heads off on our dirty jokes, observing people and their antics. Watching together the ships pass away, waiting to see the sun sinking, together for the last time.


The horizon lined with ships, reaching our eye. The waters crashing upon the rocks. The spray on my face, the saltiness in the air. The peaceful silence. The sun that we so wanted to witness getting swallowed up by the sea, gone into hiding. We watched it slip away. Hiding behind the clouds. We watched it all.

We never got our last sunset.

That day.


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