And these days I live in my thoughts. Everything that’s happening around me is peripheral. They just register in my subconscious mind, never reaching in. But the things in my head, deep down, is what I wander through. It’s a journey in there, you know. And quite a strainous one I tell you.

The hurdles are much more harder to cross, because each time I defeat it, it’s me myself who loses. Each time I rejoice being victorious, it’s my own eyes that cry. Each time I succeed in finding a new path, it’s me, myself who loses the one that I have been travelling. It’s the life of a vagabond in there. Just travelling, with no care for anything or anybody else. As ¬†peaceful & cheery as it sound to be, there are still little pockets of darkness that you have to tread – cold, bleak and dreary.

It’s all in all a reflection of what I see, what I hear and what I touch. It’s a world within the world, with it’s own summer and winter. A world that’s much more harder to tread, much more darker.

A world which sucks you in deeper and deeper when you try harder and harder to escape.

It’s your own mind.
It’s your own thoughts.
The enemy is you.
Your self.


One thought on “Yourself”

  1. First paragraph last sentence: I believe the word you’re looking for is ‘strenuous’. I don’t think there is a word ‘strainous’.

    Second paragraph second line: ‘I defeat it’ should be changed to ‘I defeat them’


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