His Smile

As I prepared to leave home, that morning, so early that the sun was lazying up from its sleep, he was awake, drinking a cup of tea, weakened as ever, yet a smile that reached his eyes. I walked up to him, bid my goodbyes, kissed him on his forehead, my heart chiming with an intuition.

I never looked back that day. I walked away kissing my mom’s cheeks.

His SMile

Two days later, it was when I sat in the airport lounge after boarding, talking to my mom, that she suddenly stated that he had fallen. I listened to my mom’s hysterical cries, unknown to her, she had forgotten to cut the call. I will never forget the helpless tears that refused to restrain in my control. I knew at that very moment, he had left us all to the eternal abode.

His smile was the best thing about him. It was magical. So innocent, so pure that it would melt anyone’s heart and you would find yourself smiling back at him. His eyes shine when he smiles and his smile will be my memoir of him.

A few months back, he had requested me to show him my new watch. I gave it to him and watched him smile adorably. He checked it thoroughly and gave it back to me. I took his arm, tied the watch on his wrist and he smiled at me. ‘He has always been so fond of chain watches’ chirped in my mother watching the moment. At that moment, I decided I would get him a watch first, with the money that I earn.

He didn’t wait for it though. He never knew. He never will.

This man has witnessed all that he can, in his children’s lives. He has seen them all suffer at the hands of fate, yet smile and surf through them all

To the man, who raised three children strong at heart, to the man who taught a generation, to the man who taught us all life with a smile, to the man who was the only grandfather that I knew,

I love you and I will miss you, so very badly. I will miss your smile, your calm and peaceful demeanor, moreover your silent love.



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