With sounds of accelerating past the gushing winds, it took flight. As the lights zoomed out, turning into little flickers of blinking dots, I sat chanting prayers. The whole scene looked like a scene out from a page of surreality with the camera zooming out at a very fast rate.


And then I saw the clouds. We were passing through them. Down from there, they looked like little puffs of smoke from a cigarette, but these were huge. Huge and dark, engulfing everything, freely dancing around yet forming unending shapes. Then I saw the blinking stars below me. Thousands of flickering light dots from below as we continued our ascend. As we travelled through this phase, I continued to look down at those blinking lights forgetting the fact that the stars were actually above me, and I was much more closer to them. And after that realisation, my eyes flitted up and down, looking into the present as well as the past, living through a transition state.

I was in a world surrounded by clouds and protected by stars above and beneath me.

The moon and the star.

The next time I looked out of the window, the sun had risen up, the only evidence of it being the golden band lining the horizon. The clouds were miniscule, floating in their own world which we seemed to have passed. They look inflated and printed on a paper. They disappeared into a gray fog that seemed to consume it all. The gray fog came closer and closer, enlarging and forming a distinct layer. Then my eyes teared up. I continued looking down with eyes filled with tears of relief. The gray fog was the golden sands with a roaring sea line. Another transition. Another transformation. Another merge. Another co existence. And in that moment of relief, my eyes moved up, as if drawn by something. There, I saw the moon, half and white, like a half eaten biscuit. Beneath, there were waves. Waves of the golden sand, running and disappearing into infinity. Blurring the golden waves, a layer of gray filled up, and in them, danced a mix of colours. The Vibgyors. They were all performing for me. Striations, waves, lines, curves and trenches all dipped in colours of rainbow, with the moon standing high above orchestrating it all and sun lighting up the stage, they all danced to the tunes of my heart, pulling away the strings of despair entangled around it. They sang for me, promising to be around, no matter what, lulling my heart into a calming peace, consoling it. And I looked at infinity, slipping into their symphony, trusting them with my whole being, knowing that the day when they would desert me, would be the end of the world or me. I passed through seas of tranquillity, deserts of silence, and skies of entertainment with a peace radiating from within, until the vibyors dissolved into blackness, my mind lulled into another transition state. I was never alone and thats all that matters.


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