The Best Blessing

Treat your parents with loving care….
For you will know their value, when you see their empty chair….

‘Why dont you go and study ? ‘

‘Will you keep quiet Mom, I don’t have any mood to do it ! ‘

‘Why dont you help me then ? ‘


Such endless situations were and are part of our life. But have our perspective ever changed ? Have the way we dealt with such situation ever changed ?

Ever thought about why they bug you on almost everything that happens in your life ? Ever felt they always considered everything seriously even the things which you brushed off as unimportant ?

Everything remains as a question mark !

WHY ? ‘ is the big question!

Because they care. because you are their children. They want everything to be perfect for you. Because its their duty to make you understand. Because they blame themselves if you go astray. Because they don’t want you to repeat the mistakes that they once did. And most of all because They love you! The list continues.

They are the reason that you have a future. They are the reason that you are here in this world. They are the reason that you sleep with peace. They are the reason for everything that you have.

But then have we ever realised the importance? Have you ever lived up to their expectations? Have you ever given them their share of happiness? A moment to be proud of you?

No? – Then you have missed a great feeling that keeps motivating you to make them more proud. To see a smile which defines every level of happiness !

You are blessed because you have parents.

You are blessed because they bug you.

You are blessed because there is someone to guide you all throughout.


Read this poem.

By Kamala Das ( Kamala Surayya/ Madhavikutty ). This is a poem from our English Syllabus. Makes you realise a lot.

Driving from my parent’s
home to Cochin last Friday
morning, I saw my mother,
beside me,
doze, open mouthed, her face
ashen like that
of a corpse and realised with
but soon
put that thought away, and
looked out at young
trees sprinting, the merry children spilling
out of their homes, but after the airport’s
security check, standing a few yards
away, I looked again at her, wan,
as a late winter’s moon and felt that
familiar ache, my childhood’s fear,
but all I said was, see you soon,
all I did was smile and smile and

Yes. It’s a bitter truth. When we are so busy growing up, you don’t realize that your parents are growing old too. It’s not until they fade away one day , that we realise the value of the treasure that we had. And when they do, you just want to see them one more time even if it’s for one second. You just want to hear them speak to you, advice you or at least scold you ! There are millions out there regretting that they couldn’t give them a moment of comfort when their parents wanted it. A moment of presence when it was necessary !

Credits: & Frantisek Staud

And what do we see today. The lost look on old parents’ face spending their second childhood at a place where they were dumped off by their own children because they don’t have time for their parents. That look of longing of a presence that could fill their heart with love. Those parents lived for their children, earned for them to have a secure future when they could have used it for their own comfort. But no. They wouldn’t do that. They couldn’t. Why? Because they loved their children so much. Loved them more than their own lives. They couldnt sleep if their children were ill. Their children’s comfort was their happiness. Their children’s future was their future. Nothing was more important than that !


And what did they get in return? What did they get as a reward?

A Bed and Loneliness.


At a dumpage home.

What has the world come to? The people are chained by the heavy weight of hours, trying to get past all the thorns in life without understanding that their parents too crossed those thorns, bled for them to pave way for their children to succeed in life. Just because their children could have EVERYTHING!

People! Open your eyes. Realize your mistake and amend them before you are too late. And remember you have children too.

Because everything is uncertain.

You are uncertain.

The complete world stands on nothing but uncertainty.

Wallah I was crying when I penned this down. But this made me smile though. :’)

Credit :

Love them. Make them Happy and you will realise that , that makes you happy !

Special Thanks : To my Mother, for making me regret what I did and realise everything. To Allah, for blessing me with MY PARENTS !


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