A Jar full of Surprises

Courtesy : Google
Courtesy : Google

Have you ever felt that superbly awesome feeling of contentment that engulfs your heart when you see them smile because you told them, they were special?

Its wonderful. Wonderful. Just content and wonderful.

It brings along a peace. A happiness. You feel like you have conquered everything just because they feel happy. Just because you are the reason behind their smile. Its a sight for the sore eyes. A sight that would leave impressions in your being. And a sight that would never fade away, because they have turned into beautiful memories.

Who doesnt love surprises? Especially those which make you immensely happy. That feeling when you see something that you never expected, from someone you love. It makes you feel special. Makes you feel loved. Makes you feel like you are on cloud nine. Drifting away to a land of happiness.

I love giving surprises. Those are the only ways I can let people know how much they mean to me. I love it when I make people smile. I love it when they look at me with those eyes, which tells you how much happy you have made them. The love, the cheerfulness and the happiness. All the more, the smile. That pure and unadulterated one. Those are the moments to be cherished. But when people chucks away your surprises as if it doesnt matter or they dont have enough time to unwrap the mystery box that you gave them, it crushes your heart. When they look at you, with those twinkling eyes, with the gratitude thats there for the sake of manners and those you-didnt-have-to-do-it look, that helps you realize how much mistaken you were. To shower them with your love. How much mistaken you were, to consider them special, because it doesnt matter to them. Indeed, eyes are the windows to the soul!

Take out some time, and surprise your loved ones. You will never know who happy you will feel and how loved they will feel, until you do so.

But right now, when I sit down, relishing the lone time when the world is asleep, listening to my breaths, I realize how much I miss an important element in my life. And what would that element be? The element of Surprise. I miss being surprised. I miss feeling special and for that matter, I wonder if I have ever felt special. I wonder if I have ever been special to anyone. I wonder if there is someone out there who wants to make me feel special.

I wish.

I wish, that there was someone out there to make me feel special. To give me surprises. Surprises that make me happy. So that I can smile at that. I can endow them that smile with twinkling eyes, which says it all.

I wish.


5 thoughts on “A Jar full of Surprises”

  1. You know what, if no one gives you such a smile, their loss… To not see such a beautiful person smile..
    I was wondering whether or not to give a small surprise to my sister… was in doubt just yesterday… now I know.

    Thanks a lot for this post… more than you know!

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