Well, I came up with this when I suddenly felt so low yesterday night. After I wrote this, a calmness spread around. I know this isnt that great a piece because poetry was never my cup of tea. But this really helped me a lot.

That’s the only thing  -Hope ! 

That I hold on to, With a life to cope.

That’s the only thing   -Life !

That I own, In a  world full of strife.

I smiled , Seeing my tears,

Dancing to break lose, from my suppress !

I stood there , taking in the reality

Just stay strong & smile, telling my heart about the vitality !

So Just stay strong and smile. Just think about why you fought for it till today. Just think about what kept you going. Do you want to lose it now?

Problems are never permanent. Life is the best teacher, so we shouldn’t be surprised if we have to pay school fees sometimes !

Never Give up !


3 thoughts on “Hope.”

  1. Wht makes a poem good is if it makes the reader smile at the end thts wht it did to me ! Short sweet n meaningful of course !! 🙂

  2. Ma Sha Allah … its realli inspirational n yes reallliii goooooooood…. HOPE ♥!! u cud write ds yday in btw PHYSICS!!! Ma Sha Allah !

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