One fine night, It rained in Riyadh.

One fine night , it rained in Riyadh. Rains in Riyadh are different in all sense. It just pours in happiness and memories of their homeland to the hearts of  1000s of  people who have left their homeland in search of gold in this vast desert.

Rain for me is un explanable . Especially after I have been in KSA for all my life time. Only born in my homeland and brought up in Riyadh. That chilly weather which cools your inner self and helps you to have an insight. A soft breeze whisks down to brush the hair from your face. Those sounds of blessings which are musical to ears. Aaaah ! All in all its just one awesome feeling.  And yeah, I am down with a terrible cold right now. 😀

When it rains the first thing which come into my mind (well not olnly mine, but most of the students) : SCHOOL ! Surprised?!  Why would  anyone think of school at that awesome time?! Well, student minds. We have our own way of peculiar thinking ! Hehe.

Will this rain be heavy enough to be a holiday tomorrow?!

Holidaaaaaay ! Thats what reminds us of School.

I still remember, that day around 6 or 7 pm, I was in my coaching centre struggling to understand what my teacher was teaching due to a splitting headache. Dak! Dak! Dak! on the AC of the classroom. My heart leapt. Its raining. Yaaahooooo ! The first thought which passed my mind: ‘ Hope it rains heavily so that they give us a holiday tomorrow. ‘ I started praying – ‘ Alllaaaahhh ! Pleeeaaasee ! Let it rain heavy so that they give us a holiday tomorrow. ‘

Wait a minute. You might be thinking – Why would they give you a holiday just because it rained ?

Hah. Only , We, Riyadhians know what it means to be a Rain In Riyadh. First of all, Its rare. And even if its just a few droplets falling for a really short time, there would be a flood in that place. So if was a downpour, then Riyadh would just SINK !

So No Roads -> No School ! As simple as that ! 😉

I wa soooo happy that it was still raining when I was going back home ( that is when I took these pictures). There were pools of water everywhere on the roads. Aah ! How happy I was ! First . the feeling that the rain imparts. Second, the holiday I was gonna get tomorrow.

BUT despite everything, I still found myself going to school the next day. Huh. What else could I do ?!

The Rain.

I came back home reaaallllly tired. After some time, my uncle who was reading the newspaper said : Did you know ?! Around 15- 18 people died in KSA due to yesterday’s downpour which resulted in a flood !!!

Me : What !!?? People died due to yesterday’s rain ?! :O

Uncle : Yeah seems like two are missing too.

My God ! How guilty I felt! People died. I still couldnt digest it. And what I did was pray for making the rain heavier for a mere holiday. Asthagfirullah ! This news really disturbed me. Ah ! I just couldnt take my mind off all those people who died.

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illahi Raji’oon.

“Verily we belong to God, and to God we return.”

Well, that was something that this rain taught me. Think twice before you pray. It may give you just a mere pleasure but for someboday else it could be a greater calamity.


6 thoughts on “One fine night, It rained in Riyadh.”

  1. Heart Touching……. I too prayed for a heavier rain, and it’s now that I came to know about the deaths….! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! 😦

    Inna Lillahi Wa Ina Illahi Raji’oon…!!!!!!!!!

  2. Truly inspired & touching one , after I read I was thinking that Im not prayed for a heavy rain but how many times I made dua for bad things or what makes me to do haram!! Yes of course from now on I want to think twice before I make any dua.
    may Allah grant our dua what it help us here & hereafter aameen..

  3. I know it’s been so long this article has been pinned on the blog, I regret for not reading it before.
    Nice one!!

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